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Marketers Can Make a Big Difference in Sustainability

We’re Driving Toward More Fair and Environmentally Responsible Marketing Production

Last month, Noosh proudly unveiled our Print Production Sustainability Scores™ in an effort to make it easier for marketers to consider environmental impact in marketing materials procurement decisions. This marks the second move this year to include environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in the Noosh platform alongside quality, price, and time factors. Noosh is the only platform that allows marketers to consider all four factors and to confidently make buying decisions that are in line with their sustainability goals. For our part, we recognize how important it is to make marketers more aware and more capable of making decisions that include social and environmental responsibility.

Recognizing that our planet and our society must consider sustainability and social responsibility, we have a mission to lead our industry in these important factors. We all know that we must reduce the environmental impact of paper production. Deforestation, the use of enormous amounts of energy and water, as well as air pollution and waste problems have long been hallmarks of print production. And, our customers agree. While about 88% of publicly traded companies and 79% privately owned companies have ESG initiatives in place, but marketers have lacked tools to make sustainability easier, until now.

We’re also proud to partner with the Environmental Paper Network. Through real-time integration with the Environmental Paper Network’s (EPN) Paper Calculator™, our customers can calculate the estimated environmental impact of their paper choice in real time, as they make buying decisions. Users can then compare alternatives with varying degrees of recycled content and make choices to reduce their impact measured in wood used, CO2 equivalents, water, and energy used.

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. Building sustainability into our product makes sense. The impact of this technology will affect the large banks and financial institutions, pharmaceutical and retail organizations that are our customers. The response from these customers thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to working alongside them to improve overall performance against their ESG goals.