Save 20% or more on direct mail programs using Noosh

Working on direct mail projects? Noosh can make your job easier while also delivering improvements in costs, vendor management, process flow, and more.

  • Let marketers initiate new direct mail projects using the Noosh platform
  • Detailed specifications can be completed by purchasing
  • Send specs to different suppliers to get bids using a sealed bidding process, open bidding, or even a reverse auction
  • Once a quote has been selected and awarded, Noosh makes sure the vendor receives all relevant assets and also manages any change orders
Collaborate on direct mail
Direct mail programs

Slash the cost of direct mail programs and save time

“Business units that use Noosh stopped virtually all purchases of above-market priced printing, which had been occurring frequently at some large companies.”

Get a copy of the Noosh Direct Mail Report and learn how Noosh will save time and money for direct mail projects.

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See a workflow in action!

Build workflow for direct mail programs unique to your operations

Workflow is an important step to get right when doing direct mail projects. With so many people, organizations, and vendors involved, maintaining an efficient flow of steps and information is critical. Noosh lets you build workflows unique to your organization to help you stay on top of every detail. Include marketing teams who request projects, procurement for managing vendor negotiations, and vendors for submitting bids and performing the work.

Watch the Noosh Direct Mail Workflow in Action

Eliminate spreadsheets and multiple disparate systems used for direct mail projects

Noosh-managed targeted mail campaigns are more efficient and often more effective. That’s because Noosh streamlines versioning, consolidates production control, tracks schedules, and securely manages supplier services & component procurement. All participants share a single program schedule that contains solicitation specifications and pertinent data in a common system of record. This system then tracks all changes made across the supply chain, greatly improving communication and reducing errors. And, no spreadsheets are necessary!

Automate direct mail workflow

Deliver direct mail projects at lower costs and in less time with a single platform

  • Let end users submit requests for new direct mail projects
  • Create detailed specifications for suppliers including KPIs
  • Send Requests For Estimates (RFEs) to suppliers with all necessary specs
  • Use open or closed bidding with suppliers, or, use Noosh reverse auctions for better pricing
  • Suppliers prepare and return estimates using Noosh
  • Review estimates, then send quotes back to end users for approval
  • Award work to your supplier of choice
  • Deliver digital assets to chosen supplier
  • Manage change orders and updates