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The Role of Marketing in Supporting a Diverse Supply Chain

Maintaining supplier diversity has become a corporate imperative today as businesses look to support and grow a mutually beneficial, multi-cultural world. Marketers play an important role in this process, with opportunities to expand the utilization of diverse suppliers to create a greater competitive advantage and efficiency. Having the right technology in place can be the […]

Integrating Available Technology to Simplify Benchmarking

Incorporating technology into benchmarking activities delivers better, unbiased comparisons of marketing performance relative to peers and those considered to be best-in-class. With more accurate, real-time data, leaders can quickly and objectively evaluate the success of their operations and determine whether and where they are underperforming. “Technology maintains 26% of the marketing budget despite, or because […]

Securing a Commitment to Continuous Improvement through Benchmarking

In our previous post, we showed that an evaluation of internal performance is a good place to start a corporate benchmarking exercise. We also explained that the most potent benefits come from external benchmarking, which examine performance, practices, and pricing. Marketing teams can achieve maximum impact when they look at the world beyond their own […]

Benchmarking Marketing Processes, Performance, and Cost Management

Although companies are accustomed to some level of constant change, COVID-19 has impacted the world in ways that no one could have predicted. CMOs are aggressively adopting new processes and incorporating technology solutions to keep up with the rapidly-changing business environment. Marketing teams and marketing service providers are struggling with a lack of data to […]

The Essential Nature of Marketing Spend Management: McKinsey’s View

According to a recent white paper by McKinsey & Company, marketing spend management plays a critical role in surviving business downturns and promoting future growth – and technology to support enterprise spend management is equally essential. “Spend management can free up as much as 20 percent of a marketing budget (even more within specific areas),” […]

Marketing and Compliance: Constructing an Efficient and Effective Workflow

By Ken McDonald / Part 3 of 3-Part Series As global organizations modify their policies and embrace work from home, they are adding new employee benefits into the mix, including improved work-life balance and reduced stress. Many organizations have adapted workflows to support work from home (WFH) staff by integrating technology to expedite collaboration between […]

Marketing and Compliance: Enhanced Regulatory Oversight with Work from Home Staffing

By Ken McDonald / Part 2 of 3-Part Series In a previous post, we discussed how technology solutions that empower cooperation, review, and approval by key stakeholders are now the standard for global organizations – and we talked about how those tools can enhance compliance controls in remote work environments. We showed that work from […]

Marketing and Compliance: Evolving to Support an Expanding Remote Workforce

By Ken McDonald / Part 1 of 3-Part Series   The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way global organizations operate – with remote work now considered a necessity for many companies. Countless employees work from home (WFH), students attend classes virtually, and corporations rely heavily on technology to stay connected as they strive to define […]

Why Reporting and Visibility are Key in Maintaining Supplier Diversity

With the increased role that customer agreements and government regulations play in supplier diversity, organizations must improve spend reporting capabilities to satisfy audit requirements. Integrating technology into the workflow enables organizations to collect accurate supplier spend data, meet customer and compliance reporting requirements, avoid financial penalties, prevent reputation implications, and reduce the potential for lost […]

Core Objectives for Successful Supplier Diversity Programs

The maturity of supplier diversity programs varies widely among organizations, but the primary objectives remain constant. They center on alignment to corporate culture and social responsibility while adhering to customer and government requirements, and developing a strong supply base to meet each company’s goals on cost, quality, and growth. 75 percent of respondents have a […]