Professional brand management

The Noosh collaboration software platform has been integrated with Webdam to provide powerful capabilities for brand management. Both B2B and B2C companies place high demands on their brand image, and it's important to have software systems and procedures that adhere to brand guidelines while also making brand assets available to all constituents.

Brand Management

How the integration works

With this integration, Noosh helps to ensure the right brand assets are used in all marketing services projects. A simple preference controls the integration for specific workgroups.

  • All files uploaded to Noosh are automatically pushed to Webdam for storage
  • Assets already stored in Webdam can be quickly and easily incorporated into any Noosh project
  • Support for single sign-on so users only need to log in once to access the integrated system
  • Brand assets can be accessed in Noosh and in Webdam
  • Tags assigned to assets in Noosh are synchronized with Webdam

See Noosh and Webdam in action

Want to see this integration in action? Let us know a good time to schedule a personal demonstration of Noosh including working with Webdam.


About Webdam

Webdam is a recognized leader in digital asset management, a top-rated solution by their customers and the first DAM built for the cloud.

Webdam isn’t just a place for managing files – it’s a platform built to ensure that content, campaigns and brand create maximum impact. The perfect place to transform creative ideas into business success.

Webdam joined forces with Shutterstock, a leading global provider of high-quality licensed content, in 2014. Together they’re charting the course for leading global brands like Vodafone, Starbucks and Elmer’s to create marketing and branding success in the digital era.

Visit the Webdam website