Noosh and Four51: Integrated web-to-print that saves time and improves visibility

Four51 provides a B2B eCommerce platform that makes it incredibly easy to build a catalog of curated marketing materials from the vendors you prefer. With the Noosh integration, web-to-print ordering activity is consolidated with Noosh reporting saving you time and providing increased visibility across multiple ordering systems.

Web to print
Marketing procurement catalog

How the integration works

With this integration, switching between Four51 and Noosh is seamless saving time and allowing buyers to focus on tasks instead of navigating between systems. All reporting is consolidated within Noosh including order activity from Four51.

  • Leverages Single Sign On (SSO) technology for easy switching between Four51 and Noosh
  • Control over Four51 web-to-print look and feel and the ordering process
  • Integrated order activity reporting within standard Noosh reports
  • Supports multiple addresses per order as well as multiple suppliers and product types
  • Order both commodity and personalized products
  • Build curated catalogs with the products and suppliers you want

Save time using multiple ordering systems while increasing overall activity visibility

The Noosh integration with Four51 provides buyers a single experience for managing complex marketing procurement projects and ordering routine materials from preferred vendors. By reducing the time to switch between applications and combining reports, the Noosh integration gives you increased overall activity visibility and makes it easy for users to work between both systems.

About Four51

About Four51

Four51 OrderCloud is an enterprise B2B commerce platform giving you the power to manage your B2B commerce, content, and customer experience across every channel and on any device.

Inefficient or manual order processing costs rob your business of profits and frustrate users. With OrderCloud, you can automate your current inefficient client workflows with new intuitive user interfaces that employees and partners want to use - driving cost out of your business and more comprehensive user adoption.

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